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Large company resources, with small company values

This means we can offer an industry leading service on a personal, individual basis.

Find out how much you could get back!

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If you were self employed at any point of a tax year, you must complete a tax return to make sure you don't receive a late penalty and to claim any tax rebate your owed.

Here at NJB Taxback our motto is "Large company resources, Small company values", we give you the tools you need to make sure you receive the largest repayment possible, whilst developing a personal relationship and understanding, of how we can help you best.

With over 11 years experience, thousands of happy customers and millions of pounds paid out in tax rebates, we know how to help you.

Our aim is to provide you with a superior service, with the most competitive rates and all the security of dealing with Tax refund specialists with over a decade of experience.

We pride ourselves on being "pro-active" rather than just re-active, meaning we wont wait for you to ask the right question before offering you money saving advice, instead we will always tell you where you could make tax savings, even if you don't ask us to!

With no upfront fees, no percentages taken, faster payment services, rebate guarantees, the largest referral bonuses, opening times to suit you, availability on weekends and that's not even mentioning our free custom-built app and web portal.

We are confident that our service is the best in the business.

NJB Taxback deal with all types of Self employment but we specialise in the construction industry, we aim to offer a professional and efficient solution to your requirements.

Once we are authorised to act on your behalf, we get to work immediately, be that recovering info from HMRC, reviewing previous returns, appealing late penalties, chasing your contractors for missing info, reviewing your bank statements,checking your pension contributions, the list goes on!

We aim to have most cases complete and submitted within 3 weeks, all rebates are paid directly in to your bank account and we will not take any payment until you have received your rebate.

We have also built our own custom app that you can use to record your income, expenses and mileage throughout the year, every time you add anything in to the app it will automatically perform the tax calculation so you will always know what your rebate is without having to wait until the new year, all the info you add in into the app will sync back to us and we will be able to complete your future returns ASAP, rather than waiting until the end of the year to start trying to find all your receipts.

We do all the chasing, calculating, negotiating and dealing with the taxman on your behalf to reclaim your money.

Late Penalty Appeals

Since 2011 late filing penalty charges are £10 per day. We have a 97% success rate in getting these charges refunded.

Recovering Lost Records

We can appeal to the tax office to get as much information released as possible, whilst at the same time liaising with your past contractors to recover as much info as possible.

Rebate Guarantee

By using our app to complete a weekly review, not only do you receive a £52 discount, but we guarantee your rebate, in case of any HMRC investigation, we will repay any amount HMRC try to reclaim. Once we have approved and paid your rebate, you will never have to worry about paying any of it back!

Faster Payment Service

Our prime payment service offers to speed up the process of getting you paid, and is our only optional extra, for a small additional fee we can loan you your rebate, up to a week faster than HMRC will pay it out.


If you feel that your previous tax returns were not completed accurately, we are able to amend your last 2 tax returns this may also increase your rebate or decrease your tax bill.

Making Tax Digital

Our app is future proof and will help ease you in to "MTD", we shall also be able to monitor and advise you on a weekly basis, rather than at the end of the year, When its probably to late!

Back-Dated Tax Returns

We are able to complete all tax returns regardless of how late they are, although any rebates you are owed will only be paid on the tax returns for the last 4 years, in most cases.

Contact us on 07547 472 281.

After our initial consultation call you will receive a text message detailing what we need to get you registered with the HMRC, Alternatively you can sign up online using the link below.

Once you have registered we will need authorisation to act on your behalf, we will have a 10 day wait for your authorisation code to come through the post. During this time we will try and gather as much information regarding your income and outgoings as possible, so once the authorisation is complete we should be able to file your return with in 48hrs.

Once you have signed up with NJB Taxback you can download our app either by using the links below or by searching for "24hr Tax Rebates", you can use our app to start sending your info back to us straight away, you can also complete your weekly reviews using the app and make sure you get your discount for doing so.

In most cases we will only need 30 minutes of your time to get your tax return completed.


For more information on our service and how we can help you, have a look at our help section.

Fees start from just £100 for filing a Self-Assessment Tax Return, so why wait?

Sign up today!

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